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Judges Citations 2018


By Steve Nouri

University of Technology Sydney

Winner: IT-enabled Business Innovation Category

Powered by artificial intelligence, NOD is a magnificent solution that aims to make the preparation of advice documentations a cakewalk. This solution is a complex model made up of different machine learning algorithms and has a potential to disrupt the way advice are prepared and documented.

The on-boarding process with NOD is much simpler and time and cost-effective than traditional static content templates. When NOD is trained with a sufficient corpus of historical advice ndocuments, a 50+ pages advice document can be generated in less than 10 minutes with an accuracy of the generated text of up to 90%. This would vastly reduce the workload of the professional as they can just review the document prepared by the system, make changes and finalize. Importantly, the content prediction engine keeps learning from final advice documents fed into the solution and continues to enhance the performance of the solution.

NOD is currently being used by advisors in the financial services industry in Australia for creating Statement of Advice (SOA) for investors. The solution can conveniently be adapted to meet the needs of other industries such as professional services. The solution is designed for international use.

The dynamic content and ability to continuously improve the performance makes NOD much more powerful than the traditional static content templates.



By Kogulan Sabaratnam

Australian Catholic University 

Winner: IT-enabled Business Innovation Category

Kogulan Sabaratnam presented an outstanding pitch for a sports management application called Treiner.  Triener which is an E-Marketplace application connecting players and parents with football coaches, across Australia. Treiner allows players to locate and choose coaches based on location and ratings. For coaches, Treiner assists them, to extend their coaching business, online.

Triener is co-founded by Kogulan and James Muir, both who are completing his Masters of Education. They both have extensive experience in football fraternity, including playing, coaching and sports management.

The standout points from Kogulan’s pitch included:

  • Solid market analysis, including understanding of potential markets for local, national and potentially for international
  • Acceptance and support from the Deakin university business incubator, Deakin Spark Accelerator; which in itself is a validation of value for what they have created
  • Innovation of marketing strategies, including use of social media platforms such Google Ads and Gumtree
  • Strong understanding of financial management through his overview of Treiner’s fee management, revenue projections and use of business strategies such MVP – minimal viable product
  • They have already experienced a revenue result, proving the business premise
  • Leveraging a business area that they are both deeply involved, namely football.

Overall, Kogulan presented a compelling and structured pitch. Coupled with the business and sporting flair that Kogulan and James hold, make the Treiner pitch, a winning Nasscom ‘IT-enabled Business Innovation’ nomination.



Tanvir Ishtaique

University of New South Wales

Highly Commended: IT Technical Innovation Category

Tanvir Ishtaique presented his product “Meghna” – a technical solution to enable an uninterrupted media streaming service for mobile users.

Tanvir’s solution addresses the problem currently faced by almost all mobile users. With the exponential rate of increase of download/upload of video on mobile devices and the current constraints in providing an uninterrupted media streaming service – this innovative solution intends to bring a genuine improvement to a user experience at a large scale.

Though solution was highly technical in nature, Tanvir’s presentation was well thought to create a simplified view and it kept the judges engaged.

Tanvir’s collaboration with an overseas industry player in trialling and validating the solution is also commendable.

Judges wish him well in pursuing his solution further to engage the local/international key industry players in making the idea commercially viable



Yiqiong Fan (Urica)

University of Melbourne

IT-enabled Business Innovation Category

No one can deny that we live in a fast changing world and challenging the status quo and innovating are essential to keep up with the changes. In this sense, Urica and her team are on the right track in developing a tool that will make the process of innovation within corporate organizations streamlined and easy. Innowave includes a 9-step process to “generate innovative ideas”. To be marketed as a Virtual Reality training course, Innowave aims to train users to develop creative problem solving skills and provide a practical platform to test the solution within.

The intent is undeniably valuable and if developed fully, the solution has the potential to be a game changer in the business world. However, the judges observed from the presentation that the idea seems to be in the very early stages of development and much more work needs to be done. The value proposition and product differentiation could have been highlighted more and the business model elaborated on. The actual process, including the 9-step method, were also unclear to the judges.

We would like to encourage Urica and team to continue developing their idea into a product that can be operationalized and commercialized.




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